Will Coley of “Muslims for Liberty” to speak at LibertyFest NYC 2016

We’re excited too announce that Will Coley will be speaking at this year’s LibertyFest NYC!
Will Coley is a former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate, and National Director of Muslims 4 Liberty, an international outreach organization devoted to spreading the ideas of liberty among the global muslim community, and refuting common myths and stereotypes about Muslims here in the US. The efforts of M4L have assisted in developing or birthing Libertarian movements in places like Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and many others.
Coley has been listed among Anarchants 2015, “11 Libertarians Doing Big Things”, and was awarded a 2013 Liberty Inspiration Award. He currently hosts The Call to Freedom, an international satellite radio broadcast on LRN.fm, where he interviews the most influential voices in contemporary Islamic scholarly, about issues commonly defined as “libertarian”, and broadcasts those conversations LIVE via satellite to a geographic region home to about 300,000,000 Muslims. Exporting the ideas of liberty, directly to areas that need it the most, from a perspective the locals can relate to. He has spent most of the last 6 years as a traveling lecturer, advocating the ideas of liberty as often as possible, as loudly as possible, to all who are willing to hear.

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