Alex Merced Will Be Speaking at LibertyFest NYC 2016

We’re excited to announce that Libertarian Senate Candidate for New York  Alex Merced, will be speaking at this year’s LibertyFest NYC!


Alex Merced is a long time Liberty Activist and child of the Ron Paul revolution in 2008. Alex Merced is now running for US Senate from New York as the Libertarian Party Candidate against high ranking democrat, Chuck Schumer. Alex Merced has a youtube pressence with over 2000 videos which can be found on playlists like and Alex Merced is also the host of the AlexMercedCast podcast where he speaks to the issues of the day. Alex Merced also has written books, is founder/editor of, and has recently started his own social media/personal coaching/communications company, Merliva LLC.

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